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10 weeks to 5 months of age   

Puppy class includes basic commands (loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, recall) as well as socialization and the importance of incorporating it into your puppies life. Our goal is to strengthen the bond you have with your puppy and teach them the life skills they will need to succeed in our human world.

Cost $105.00 +HST for 4 sessions

Level Up Training

Group classes are a great way to build the relationship between you and your dog.   Our Level Up training program allows you to build a customized training program in a group setting.   Each level teaches you a valuable skill set to build your relationship with your dog and improve their behavior.  After completing Level 1 you choose which levels or units are important to you and your dog. All lessons run for 1 hour per week, number of lessons will vary with each level/unit.


We limit the number of participants in our classes to ensure you don’t get lost in the crowd with your dog and can get the training help you need. While we do have indoor spaces available for training in inclement weather we do try to make use of our outdoor spaces as much as possible throughout our programs so your dog is learning to behave in a true to life environment with real life distractions.


Level Up clients that have completed the first three levels of our training program also enjoy the benefit of being able to attend our Saturday drop-in program where they can continue to improve their training skills around a variety of dogs, livestock, and people of all ages.

Level 1: Fun-damentals

Pre-requisite: If you have concerns of reactivity/over excitement/aggression we require a behavioral consultation to determine your eligibility for this class

  • This class focuses on building a bond and engagement between the handler and their dog.  Lessons include loose leash walking, teaching your dog to relax in distracting environments and a “place” command.  Level 1 consists of 3 sessions. Cost of this program is $105.00+HST.

Level 2: Sit Happens

Pre-requisite: Level 1 

  • This class focuses on building your dog’s response and reliability to basic obedience commands like sit, down and stay.  Level 2 consists of 3  sessions.  Cost of this program is $90.00+HST.

Level 3: Recall Games

Pre-requisite: Level 1 

  • This class focuses on building a reliable recall  with your dog using fast, fun and effective games while building up distraction levels. Level 3 consists of 2 sessions. Total cost of this program is $50.00+HST.

Level 4: Training Works

- Requires completion of level 1, 2 & 3 or our previously offered basic obedience program. 

  • Advanced obedience exercises and games to improve your dog's skill level and ability to ignore distractions. Level 4 consists of 4 sessions.  Total cost of this program is $105.00 +HST

Unit 1: Don't Flip Out 

  • This course is designed to give handlers with reactive/over-excited/aggressive the tools to building their dog's confidence and engagement with them when around distractions.  Course consists of 2 sessions per month. Total cost of the unit is $90.00+HST.  Please contact for class dates (we require a minimum of 4 students to run this course)

Unit 2: Give That Back

Pre-requisite: Level 1

  • Course focus is to build a strong drop it/out command as well as how to "leave it" and teach your dog how to surrender resources (toys, stolen objects and food) when required.  


Unit 3: Greetings

Pre-requisite: Level 1

  • Course will focus on teaching you how to approach/greet strangers and other dogs politely.

Further units will become available soon. 


Private Training

Private sessions are catered to the needs of the individual dog and handler team. Behavioral consultation of $30.00+HST is required prior to attending private sessions.  This allows our trainers to design a custom training plan for you and your dog.  Private training sessions run for approximately an hour and are $105.00. 

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